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Let's build a tiny house togehter!- zoom

Let's build a tiny house togehter!

Self-sufficency while living in a tiny house – together we can do it! Our carpenter, our backdrop builder and our team will built the first tiny house in the „Südburgenland“ with your help!
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Why we want to built a tiny house?- zoom

Why we want to built a tiny house?

What is it like to live in a tiny house?  How much energy does it save?  Does it reduce your living quality?  Does it have to be a challenge or could it be freedom?
Electricity will not always come out of the outlet but our food can be grown naturally beside such a tiny house.
If you want to live in a different way does that mean you have to sacrifice enjoyment?  Do we gain by deliberately shifting to a more sustainable lifestyle?
Become part of this project and you will find out the answers.  On this 5 hectare landscape we will test all of these questions.  We have no electricity, no heating system, and no connection to the community systems – a big chance to learn how to work with natural resources.


First need a trailer - in order to be permited on our land our homes must be mobile – therefore the first thing we need is a trailer cassis.  The size will be 6x2.5 meters so that we don’t need a specialty permit to move it.  The trailer must be able to go up to 10km/h to classify as mobile and a double underbody (625mm) and protection against moisture.
Cassis €5,640,00
Wood frame and insulation-

Wood frame and insulation

The next part of the project will be the wood frame and insulation - Wood construction is an effective and natural style of construction to protect against the cold and warm.  This region has really warm summers so it will be important to also have a cool place for that time of year, a comfortable dry place to be while working on the project.
Wood frame and insulation € 9.500,00


The roof must be insultated as well.  We desire to catch rain, but not inside the house ;-)  A good roof is critical to any building project.  
ROOF/Insulation/Skilled Roofer € 3.800,00

Windows and door-

Windows and door

We will also need windows and a door. Windows let in light and warm and also will allow people to observe the Wilderness Culture Farm from the comfort of the tiny house. 
Windows and door € 1.700,00
Intior trim-

Intior trim

It is important that the tiny house is a cozy and enjoyable experience for those that come to relax and calm down.  Clay and wood will be a nice combination to finish out the interior of the structure.
Intior trim € 950,00


In such an environment and to service farm workers it is important that the floor is durable, this will provide a nice place to relax for many after a hard day’s work.
Floor € 750,00
Shower and toilet-

Shower and toilet

After a hard day‘s work it is nice to get refreshed again. We would like your creative inputs in designing this bathroom with shower and toilet.
Shower and toilet € 850,00


Appliances should not be missed!
We want the tiny house to be equipped well. We can buy an appliance package from the team at Wohnwagon.
Appliance package for tiny house € 2.280,00


Last but not least – Tools
Electric planer, circular saw, jigsaw, drill, crowbar, screwdrivers, levels, square, workbench, and various hardware, nails, screws, etc.
Tools € 1.200,00

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