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Partnerprojekt Klaus Heidegger - Malibu Kalifornien

Malin Wahlberg, schrieb am 14. März 2016 um 16:16:

I work for Swedens largest newspaper Aftonbladet and we are working on an article about Ingemar Stenmark. He is turning 60 this week and I wonder if Klaus would like to send him a greeting and maybe share a memory?

All the best
// Malin Wahlberg
Michaela Schmitz, schrieb am 14. März 2016 um 18:29:
Thank you very much for your message!
we will try to contact Klaus - we are very pleased if we could help! we will contact you as soon as possible
Warm greetings Michaela (I was a big fan of Ingemar Stenmark)

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